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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Store Front

PictureOur next interview was with the Salatins at Polyface. The nearest accommodation is in Staunton, VA and if you are ever planning to visit Polyface do stay at the Storefront. It was one of the accommodation highlights of our trip (blue/grey shopfront on the right of the photo). 
The Storefront, 'a very small hotel', is a terrace building that has been a cafe and is now a bed and breakfast run by Terry Shulman a convivial historian who lives out of town on a farm.
The deal is you rent the whole building (Yes! accompanied by that clenched fist, up and down  punch thing! This is where I need Fred with his video camera!)
From the top down The Storefront starts with an upstairs double bedroom. An upstairs fully equipped kitchen and an upstairs bathroom (shower & toilet) . There are hairdryers, ironing boards and lots of power points, which is a huge issue when you are travelling with 2 computers, 3 cameras, 3 mobile phones, 4 hard drives, uncle tom cobbly and all! The other magical ingredient is wifi - ready and waiting and high speed  - an absolute treat!
Downstairs there is a bar (which used to be a coffee shop) and enough very reasonably priced makeshift beds for another four people. AND there is a downstairs loo which also houses a washing machine and clothes dryer. 
You have to actually phone Terry to make the booking (but that is a good thing) and he organises a pass key that lets you punch into the keypad on the front door of this one off establishment so you can come and go as you please.  There is undercover parking over the road (we are still trying to work out how this  is costed),  and because it is a bed and breakfast there are coupons on the bar when you arrive which allow you to breakfast across the road at Cranberry's an organic shop that stock Polyface eggs and sausages. Cranberry's also know what they are doing with regard to coffee so the four of us got off to a very good start on the mornings we stayed in Staunton. 

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