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Diary with pictures of our trip to the USA and England to meet with people that have successfully encouraged more people to garden and farm organically

Monday, August 23, 2010

Old Friends in White Post, Virginia

Mike met Matthew and Winkie Mackay-Smith  in 1972 when Mike made his first visit to the eastern United States. Their mutual friend Raymond Oppenheimer strongly recommended that they get together and Winkie and her daughter Emily waited patiently at the Philadelphia airport while customs searched every bag on Mike's BOAC flight.
Winkie and Matthew were kind, generous and hospitable in looking after him and we have been good friends ever since.

The connection was Bull Terriers. Raymond, Winkie and Mike adore this breed of dog and they have been an important part in all of our lives.

Here is the current house pet 'Bunter' big, strong, handsome and a personality to match.

Here he is side on showing himself off like the old pro he is.

And at the end of the lead is the indefatigable Winkie.

Mike makes himself at home complete with magazine and friend.

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