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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Pigs (Hogs)

First of all a little confession - I adore pigs. I also love pork. These animals are the best and I believe that if you want to eat them then please allow them a bit of respect. These intelligent, tasty mammals should never be farmed intensively. Yes it may cost more, so eat pork less often and in smaller quantities. It is a treat and a celebration.

At the time of year we were visiting the pigs were working their way through what the cows had left in the big barn. A huge layer of bedding and manure laced with corn, a grain that the Salatin's grass or hay fed cows would treat with distain (only fit for pigs!). What is more even with the large number of pigs and piglets in this barn there was absolutely no smell. A confirmation that carbon and nitrogen were fully in balance on this farm.  The pictures tell the story.

This is the barn where cattle overwintered on deep litter
fed from the store of hay
Here are all the sows
How about this guy?
Pigglets - aren't they the best?
Look at these three - they are just the most engaging trio.
Red heads are of course the best!

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