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Monday, May 24, 2010

Our 'Appartement'

The arrangement was supposed to be a bit of garden work and consulting in exchange for use of the granny flat underneath this great house perched on the side of a very steep hill.

However Heather, David and daughter Wren had had to go to an unplanned family gathering and were exhausted and over committed when we saw them. So we had free lodgings for the week.  This is a very unusual setting, hilly very narrow lanes and fabulous houses and gardens. Heather is keen gardener and there is lots of work in progress.

The whole roof is covered in solar panels and they are producing more power than the house uses.

 The little apartment is really well fitted out. There is a good sized living area with a kitchenette plus a bedroom and bathroom. My mind went straight to the sort of accommodation we need for interns. The living space is less than the size of our old shed by the kennels. There was lots of discussion about what we could start to plan when we got back home.

Here are some more pictures.

And after all it is LA! 

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