Growing The Growers Filming Trip 2010

Diary with pictures of our trip to the USA and England to meet with people that have successfully encouraged more people to garden and farm organically

Monday, May 24, 2010


Rose is 18 months old. What can you say - gorgeous! We spent a lot of time just playing with her, resting, going for walks with the dog and talking. Skype is good and will be even better now that we have met her but seeing grandchildren in the flesh is quite another thing. 

I was able to be useful and did a bit of work on Emily's computer. A small melt down with her address book and a systems upgrade kept me out of trouble. I did have one nerve wracking moment. Our new GPS would not talk to my laptop and every drive from 1171 S Tremaine Ave to Silverlake (20 mins) raised the anxiety levels a notch. I kept finding reasons not to go get the hire car!  However a late night 6 hr computer stint and I got it worked out - there was not enough room on my laptop to upload the USA maps grrrr . . . 

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