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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Burwell Morgan Mill

Over the road from Locke Store is another treat. A lovingly restored flour mill in full working order. Not surprisingly the baked goodies served up by Juliet are made from flour ground just a stones throw away.

The good news was that the mill was grinding so over the road we went cameras at the ready.

The following pictures are of the mill pond and the water race that powers the wheels.

Old millstones rest against the wall outside the mill.

Mike rests on the race waiting for me to stop taking photos.

Stepping inside from the rather stern stone exterior you find yourself in a wonderland of wood and wheels and lard greased cogs. 

Here are a few close ups.

Everything is huge and heavy we find it hard to comprehend how millwrights do their job. It is also heartening to know that they even exist and are able to keep something like this in working order. 

On this visit they were milling blue corn meal (used to make blue corn chips).

This is the hopper feeding the corn kernels into the stones

Volunteers run the mill on a day to day basis and they are more than happy to explain how everything works.

The volume of grain that goes through this mill is now quite small and so there is a lot of spare storage space that is used as a museum.

A special paddle is used to scoop out the freshly milled flour to check whether the grind is fine enough. 

. . . . and visitors have quite a selection of flours to choose from if they want to buy some to cook with when they get home.

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