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Diary with pictures of our trip to the USA and England to meet with people that have successfully encouraged more people to garden and farm organically

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vine Ripe Farm

Vine Ripe Farm is a story duplicated all over the world. Older people with a farming dream buy up some land and start growing food. Not all of them succeed but many do. Determination, skill, clever marketing, innovation. an eye for quality  and an openness to learning are all part of what is needed.

Jim Justice and his partner have all these qualities and they are lucky to have Locke Store a short drive away. 

You can learn more about this farm on the Vine Ripe website but while checking the dot com I did discover that he is now thinking about driving over to the store one or two afternoons a week and selling more of his produce off the back of his chevy truck.

Juliet has certainly 'Grown the Growers' in her neck of the woods.

Here are some shots of the farm. Of course we could have stayed there all day - lots of things to talk about.

The shed, he house in the background, farm stall,
Australian looking dog and our old friend the garden cart.

A marquee had been set up ready to sell plants.

There was a good selection of early summer seedlings.

Baby mousers are always engaging.

Compost of course - and lots of it. 

The poly tunnel  was being used for propegation.

We liked these cheap tables, plastic pallets on top of concrete blocks.

Terraced beds on what is a quite steep growing area. 

Round bales are rolled out as mulch.

Somehow discussion got round to scythes
and I promised Jim that I would forward him some information
on the European grass mowing blades and snaths. 

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