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Diary with pictures of our trip to the USA and England to meet with people that have successfully encouraged more people to garden and farm organically

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Locke Store, Millwood VA

Juliet, Winkie & Matthew's middle daughter has always been interested in food. She and Meredith did a bit of market gardening early on and in 2002 Juliet decided to buy this storefront in Millwood and turn it into a shop that sold a range of organic and locally produced goods.

We involved Mackay-Smiths and other friends in the first visit that we made to Polyface. and when were were planning another visit we were thrilled to find out that Juliet and Joel are now friends. Juliet has run workshops with Joel, has sold his produce at Locke Store and now has made another leap. She has followed Joel's example and has leased 10 acres of her land to a chicken grower Dave Farinholt, who once worked with Salatin. He now uses the same methods as Salatin to raises Cornish Cross meat which Juliet can sell just a few minutes drive down the road at her wonderful shop.

We were privileged to be invited to a huge family barbeque at Juliet and Charles home. I left the camera behind that night so there are no photos of the extraordinary feast. Dave's chicken and locally sourced vegetables and salad. The meal finished with desserts to die for. Juliet is an extraordinarily cook. Beer and wine flowed and we were able to share a few bottles that Fred had organised from Australia. He of course did take his camera so the evening did not go unrecorded.

Here are some pictures taken the next day at the store.

These jolly hanging baskets brighten up the front verhanda.

We enjoy a coffee and muffins.

Inside there is fresh, frozen and bottled food, 

You can buy lunch or a snack from the blackboard menu.
The staff will also cater for functions.

Not always easy to find in this part of the world!

People eat in and take food away.

Some of the day's blackboard selection.

There is an extensive range of wines.

. . .  and an extraordinary array of beers. (There were heaps more in the fridge.)

Behind the scenes is a well equipped kitchen.

Juliet and her offsider hard at it.

Sweet, crunchy and locally grown.

A small stash of prawns acquired before the oil spill stopped further harvest. 

Bowls of salad waiting to be dressed.
While were filming in the kitchen we were all called outside. Jim, the local vegetable grower had just arrived with a car full of produce.

Jim from Vine Ripe Farm

Baskets of vegetables in the back of the car.

Juliet is organising a quick trip out to Vine Ripe which is just down the road.

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